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I purchases 2 semi trailers of goods from TDW.

First load from Big-5 sporting goods, I was told and have in writing from TDW that it was a "full load hand packed" floor to roof truck packed tightly. When I received the truck most of it was knee high to me and was mostly garbage that went straight to the dump. I have photos.

The next load was to be "all new mix of product to contain trees, wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, yard displays, lights, decorations, tote bags, x-mas gadgets, ribbon, out door sculptures, and ornaments,

I received only trees and yard statues and it is all used and all marked damaged defective and is mostly junk. They put in writing that it was NEW and 26 pallets. It is all used and I received only 19 pallets.

I spent a total of $22500.00 on the 2 loads and have only trash.

I have many many photos including the inside of the trucks before I started unloading them.

This money was my retirement, TDW outright lied to me and stole my money...... (Less)

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MAN lookout!! He is NOT A MAN OF HIS WORD and is not to be trusted.

Can't wait until word keeps spreading on this company and they shut down!! It will be a great day in the USA!! Raphael Shabtai...go home!! In this country when you give a man your word it means something!!

If it don't then you are nothing!! Raphael Shabtai you are NOTHING!!

Chapel Hill, Tennessee, United States #1104740

This company and there owner Raphael Shabtai are liars and scam artists!! Shop somewhere else!!!!!

Chapel Hill, Tennessee, United States #1104739


They will rip you off and there merchandise is ***!! Straight to the dump *** I am talking about!!

Save your money and shop somewhere else!!

These guys are losers!! Don't be a loser, buy from someone else!!!


I almost bought from these people. I just ran into this article.

Thanks for saving my life.

I also noticed many negative comments on rip off report. OMG!


The name says it all. You get what you pay for. Hope you learned your lesson...??...

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